Existing Subscribers


As an existing print subscriber, you automatically have a complimentary account established on this website. To access your account, simply follow these instructions:


• Your USER NAME consists of your last name followed by the first numerical digits of the address in which your print subscription is delivered. If the subscription is for a business, use its first name instead of its last name.


For example:

If your name is JOHN DOE and your mailing address is 5362 Anystreet Dr., then your user name is: doe5362


If your name is SALLY JOHNSON and your mailing address is PO Box 352, then your user name is: johnson352


If your business is BOB'S BAKERY and your mailing address is 5362 Anystreet Dr., then your user name is: bob's5362


• Your PASSWORD is your zipcode.

You may change your user name and/or password if you wish.


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