What is with all the cartoons and comics and games?


Comics : Why?

Newspapers and comic strips have been intertwined for ages. In fact, newspaper comic strips appeared in North America in the late 19th century.

We decided that we would like to continue that tradition by using our websites, serving as a landing page for dozens of entertaining series.

Our goal is to highlight everything we think that our readers would enjoy, from famous staples recognized the world-over to smaller, more niche segments in the medium.

A major benefit from not requiring printing space (a limited resource for each publication) is that we can share daily updates for EVERY comic we offer.


Wait. Daily updates?

That's correct. We have set up our comic delivery system to offer a new strip every day of the week, not just on Sunday (like other publications).

You can check them out every morning when you're eating breakfast, taking your lunch break, or whenever you manage to find time.

There is no need to worry about missing a day. We offer a complete backlog of each strip, allowing you to see the dozens (and eventually thousands) of older strips.

Some of these comics are topical (related to the day/holiday/pop-culture zeitgeist), so be sure to check out your favorites as often as you can.


So what about Sunday?

We offer Sunday comics too. You'll find that these strips are usually longer, more topical and a real highlight for each week.

If you love comics as much as we do, you will really enjoy checking out the Sunday editions of these strips.

Pst! Our favorites to watch out for are Archie, The Barn, Heathcliff and Wizard of Id.


Political Cartoons

So what is the difference between Comics and Cartoons?

We understand the confusion.

Political Cartoons have an even older history in journalism, dating back to the 18th century. They offer biting, satirical opinions about the current local/global landscape.

Whereas a comic strip is for any entertaining/humerous element, political cartoons hold an extremely topical angle. Most of them tend to focus on politics (but not all of them).

To make browsing them easier, we've sorted all of them into categories, based solely on political affiliation.

You can use these filters to sort through the large list of daily political cartoons



An alternative approach

We also made sure to give everyone the option to simply sort by a specific creator.

Everyone finds a voice that resonates with their beliefs/values, so we wanted to make accessing their content simple.

That said, the best way to remain politically informed is to sit on the fence, listen to every angle and make up your own mind.

No better way to do that than to look at the political satire from every creator! You are sure to find your favorites.



Games? Really? I thought this was a news organization.

Contrary to popular belief, word-games/puzzles have been in news print for over a century (and for good reason).

We want to keep that tradition going strong, so we've added a series of educational/mind-bending games to our websites.

The only games that we will ever share will hold some-form of educational value.

We are not a games-based website. Our job is to keep you informed, sharp and smarter than the day before.

A great way to do that is to test your skills with grammar and math!

Pst! Your progress in some games carries over between all of our news websites.
For example, if you start a crossword on one website (Northside Sun) and migrate to check local coverage on another one of our websites (Greenwood Commonwealth), it follows you there! No need to head back to complete your puzzle.


Thank you for taking an interest in the website for your local news organization!

We are positively ecstatic to have you here (and couldn't do this without your support).

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