President commented on MVSU goes up against Utah

Poor leadership from the Top Administration to the AD in their new sports arena. They MVSU hasn’t accomplished anything positive since 2012. The Devils 👺

President commented on AT&T strikers set up on Park Ave.

I wonder how many of those AT&T personal vote for Trump. I truly hope their efforts be in vain. I hope they all get laid off.

President commented on Osborne, Brown face off Tuesday

I wouldn’t trust either one of them. They both have to much baggage. I see why Greenwood is headed in the wrong directions.

Why does Valley have a football program?

Why don’t you tear down your State Confederate Flag. To me it seems racist to keep those shacks that’s a reminder of the dark past of Mississippi. But I guess it makes the White Slave owners relished their past. It’s very disgusting and a slap in the face to Blacks outside of MS.

If that was the case in especially in the state of Mississippi most of you Republicans would have vote for Trump and Gov. Bryant so get your facts and statements correct.

Would you say the same things about Roy Moore from Alabama. Or your adulterous Donald Trump that paid $130k and 140k to cover up his bid for the highest office in the US or Russia

President commented on Police chief, others fired at MVSU

I Totally agree with the statement Valley is going backward. It’s being doing that since Dr Donna Oliver was forced out by Hank Bound and former IHL Board Chairman C.L. Smith. I truly believe the Valley will be closed or merged in 2-5 years.

That’s a bunch of bull if I have ever heard in my life concerning security keeping the students safe on campus. Incidents like this happen all of the time on MVSU campus Where is the President what is he doing to remedy the situation