You do realize that the foundational storyline in _Idiocracy_ is basically coming true, don't you? There's no single reason for it, but digital news is not helping. Actually I'd say cable news is the forerunner of sensationalism, but I digress. (Sure, _The National Inquirer_ has been arou…

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I'm willing to bet these boys learned to be racist (or apathetic toward good race relations at best) from their parents and/or other family members—uncles, aunts and grandparents. Racism still exists and continues to be passed on. Children aren't born this way. I appreciate your suggestio…

More often than not it's the Ole Miss students who end up in the news for something stupid.

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So what's your solution?

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Sorry to hear this. She was my teacher.

Anyone who said "no" to this has never had to pay for non-employer-supported health insurance—in other words, individual policies which are very expensive. Only then can people understand what a struggle it can be to provide health care to themselves and their families. Some people who ar…

I don't think Hawley's thoughts are overwrought. In fact I believe we can blame the fruits of social media for the increase in gun violence. Some gunmen were inspired by the rhetoric they read online. Racist communities reinforce their self-righteousness and embolden them to shoot up a ch…

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