Sore Losers, Stirring the pot. Never happy. Get a life.

Trim the tree back to the size it was before it was a problem. I have a feeling this is no more than a play for a place to put a civil rights statue .

Charlie commented on Hospital's finances improving

When you have no Doctors wages coming out of the total,It has to show some improvement. Can't wait to see how it goes when Freddie White Johnson belittles Hargrove the way she has done everyone else.

Charlie commented on More than half fail reading test

Only thing to say, Pitiful.

The post about where did Nancy Pelosi get her money, She’s a crook, Like Everyone else in Washington. That’s why one gets into politics. To take what they can from the American people, And to do so for 50 or 60 years because once in office, They never leave, They die in office of old age an…

Speaking for myself; I have my own transportation and travel to Grenada for my healthcare. Like others; we are seeking healthcare elsewhere because of the lack of healthcare at Greenwood Leflore Hospital. The Hospital Board and Ms. Britt can try to cover up the problem but the fact is pe…

Charlie commented on Let McCain be

Read the history of McCain’s life, Wish I could find something good to say about him, But it’s just not there, Even if you hate Trump like you Apparently do.

The hospital board and security are using the old democratic scare tactics to throw the blame for a failing hospital and board in the direction of the public, The public has nothing to do with the financial state of the hospital, The public does however know that this board has destroyed thi…

Charlie commented on Hospital study planned

It's obvious the GLH Hospital Board is responsible for running this hospital in the ground with their irresponsible decisions! Pointing fingers at Basu that has only had this Interim position for a few months is totally irrational and ridiculous. The GLH Hospital Board is responsible for t…

We need a place to keep unwanted dogs, No need to call the sheriff, You will never get a response.