The 100th season of the NFL kicked off Thursday with a real snoozer of a game.

To open its celebration of its 100th season, the NFL got a throwback to, well, the 1920s in Green Bay at Chicago.

You know, one of those knock-down, dragged-out defensive confrontations that ended up 10-3, in favor of the Packers.

It’s just one of 16 games, but neither of these teams looks like an early  Super Bowl favorite from the NFC.

Speaking of the Super Bowl, it’s been 218 days since the New England Patriots defeated the L.A. Rams 13-3 for their sixth world championship. The Pats open defense of their crown Sunday against AFC rival Pittsburgh.

Week 1 of the NFL season starts in earnest Sunday with a smorgasbord of football action. After months of talk and several weeks of meaningless games, we’re about to see what these teams are all about.

One thing to keep an eye on is whether or not the Cleveland Browns can live up to the hype. They seem to be everyone’s popular pick for the AFC playoffs.

A vogue Super Bowl pick for some, Cleveland pulled a blockbuster trade of O’Dell Beckham to thrust the Browns further into the spotlight with four prime-time games this season.

One of the main things I am watching this season is the Dallas offense. The Cowboys' offense was a total disappointment in 2018 under coordinator Scott Linehan, finishing 21st in yards per play (5.4), 23rd in passing yards per game (221.1) and with the fourth-worst red zone conversion rate (48%) in the NFL.

So Linehan is out, and Kellen Moore was asked to take over. Moore, 30, is one of the youngest offensive coordinators in the NFL, and despite being a first-time play-caller, he says he wants to spice things up with the offense. The Cowboys are not changing their timing-based offense or nixing the run-pass options they utilize with Dak Prescott, but they've made a few additions in personnel and will change how they line up at times.  

I am hoping this is a great fit for Dak, one that highlights his strengths.

However, I have certain reservations about just how good this offense can be with Moore at the helm. Dallas’ decision to hand the reins of the offense to the 30-year-old Moore has been criticized greatly. Many fans and analysts blamed Moore for Prescott’s struggles last season, asking, “How can a failed NFL quarterback be able to teach Dak to get better at the position?”

But for me, the issue with Moore never having success as a quarterback in the NFL isn’t that big a factor. He’s an inexperienced play caller.

We will get our first real look at Moore’s offense Sunday when the Cowboys clash with an NFC East rival, the New York Giants.

If the NFL is your thing, kick back and enjoy Sunday.

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