Delta Streets Academy has hired Travis Upshaw to take over the football program in 2020.

Upshaw comes to Greenwood from the Dallas/Forth Worth area, where he played high school football at Class 5A Mansfield High School. He then played four years on the college level at Texas State University under coach David Bailiff.

“As an athlete, I knew the level of commitment and passion it takes to play at the next level. For several years after college, I gave professional and semi-pro football a shot, but my body could not keep up. I have had several injuries throughout college and beyond,” said Upshaw. “I had a rough time hanging up the cleats, which I am sure any athlete does.

“I dove into ministry and coaching and teaching for the past seven years. I met my wife, Meredith, at church four years ago, and she told me about her experience at her small Christian private school she attended in Chattanooga. The school spirit and traditions of Friday night lights with the Lord leading the program was something I started to strive for. I believe in developing the character and discipline that can help young men past high school. I look forward in growing the Delta Streets program into its full potential.”

Upshaw previously served as the head junior varsity coach and the varsity defensive coordinator at The Covenant School in Dallas.

Upshaw replaces T. Mac Howard, the executive director of the school. Howard served as head coach this past season.

“When we began to talk to Coach Upshaw, he had no clue about Delta Streets. It blew his mind to hear our story and purpose,” said Howard. “Not only did we get a head football coach, but we also got someone who is going to be director of operations at the school. He’s very capable of doing anything I normally do and more. He’ll be over the physical plant as well helping with a construction class, overseeing two study halls and a P.E. class.”

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