With one scrimmage and 10 days of practice under their belts, the Ole Miss Rebels are prepping for the Aug. 31 season opener at Memphis.

After the team held its first scrimmage over the weekend, everyone was quick to report that there's plenty of work to be done in those final three weeks.

 "We just have to get in good game shape," said tight end Octavious Cooley. "We were tired out there, I ain't gonna lie. But it's nothing we can't handle. We have three weeks left, going to go to work every day. We're going to be ready when the time comes."

 "We've got to be in better shape defensively," said linebacker MoMo Sanogo.

"Rich Rod likes to go fast, so the defense has to get ready fast and go fast. He told me he's going to try to pick up the pace and go twice as fast these next couple of weeks. So we have to pick up our conditioning to match that."

Sanogo and the Rebel defenders also hope the uptick in the workload will help to make one of their weaknesses from 2018 into a strength in 2019. When asked if the defense is fortifying its depth, Sanogo didn't mince words.

"Most definitely," he said. "In the spring, there have been a couple of guys who have had to go down for one thing or another. The young guys are having to step up with the twos and ones a bit. Coach is also pushing that. All the coaches are rotating it and making different guys be in tough situations that they wouldn't normally be in, just to build depth."

According to a report from the Oxfird Eagle, Ole Miss broke some runs in the first scrimmage. Jerrion Ealy showed some flashes and Scottie Phillips had one nice, long run.

Another thing that just about everyone mentioned is how fast everything was moving. If there’s anything to know by now, it’s that Rich Rodriguez wants the team to play with speed, speed and even more speed. The team needs to work on getting faster to the line and faster to get the call from the sideline. Corral said plays were typically relayed in six seconds.

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