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Public Notice Start Date: August 28, 2019

MDEQ Contact: Slater Smith

Express Grain Terminals LLC, located at 2015 West River Road, in Greenwood, MS, (662) 358-4494, has applied to the Mississippi Department of Environmental Quality for the following permitting action(s):  Modification to Permit to Construct Ref. No. 1560-00050. The applicant's operations fall within SIC Code 2869.  A Statement of Basis has been prepared that contains a discussion of the decision-making that went into the development of the permit and provides the permitting authority, the public, and other government bodies a record of the technical issues surrounding issuance of the permit. The Statement of Basis also addresses any changes to emissions and/or discharges resulting from any modification of the facility.  

Express Grain Terminals, LLC (Express Grain) owns and operates an oilseed oil mill that produces oilseed oil, oilseed mill, oilseed hulls, short-cut cotton lint from raw oilseed, and biodiesel and glycerol from oilseed oil. Pollutants emitted from the facility include products of combustion from the natural gas-fired boilers, volatile organic compound (VOC) and hazardous air pollutant (HAP) emissions from the solvent extraction process, and particulate matter from point sources (cyclones, drum filters, and cooling fans) and fugitive sources (on-site traffic, material receiving and handling, oilseed storage, and product loadout).

Express Grain has proposed a modification to increase the efficiency of the biodiesel operation, increase methanol recovery, and further product recovery. The modification will include the addition of two processes: Methanol Distillation Process and Glycerin Distillation Process.

The facility is a major source under the Prevention of Significant Deterioration (PSD) regulations for particulate matter (PM), particulate matter less than 10 μm in diameter (PM10), volatile organic compounds (VOCs), and hazardous air pollutants (HAPs), and is subject to the limitations and requirements of the PSD permit issued October 9, 1998. Express Grain has demonstrated that the modification will increase the facility’s potential emissions for all criteria pollutants and HAPs. However, the facility will not exceed the Prevention of Significant Deterioration Rate, thus the facility will not be subject to a PSD Review per 40 CFR Part 52.

The staff of the Permit Board has developed this draft permit based on information submitted to the Permit Board by the applicant, appropriate State and Federal agencies and other interested parties. The staff of the Permit Board is soliciting all relative information pertaining to the proposed activity, including public comment, to ensure that the final staff recommendation on the draft permit complies with all State and Federal regulations. Public review and comment on the draft permit and supporting documentation is an important element in the staff evaluation and resulting recommendation to the Permit Board. The draft permit conditions have been developed to ensure compliance with all State and Federal regulations but are subject to change based on information received as a result of public participation.

Persons wishing to comment upon or object to the proposed determinations are invited to submit comments in writing to Slater Smith at the Permit Board's address shown above, no later than the end of the thirty (30) day public notice. All comments received by this date will be considered in the formulation of final determinations regarding the application(s).  A public hearing will be held if the Permit Board finds a significant degree of public interest in the proposed permit(s). Persons wishing to request a public hearing may do so by submitting that request in writing to Slater Smith or the Chief of the Environmental Permits Division at the address shown above.  The Permit Board is limited in the scope of its analysis to environmental impact.  Any comments relative to zoning or economic and social impacts are within the jurisdiction of local zoning and planning authorities and should be addressed to them.

Additional details about the application(s), including a copy of the draft permit(s), are available by writing or calling the Public Records Request Officer at the above Permit Board address and telephone number.  Additionally, as a courtesy, for those with Internet access, a copy of the draft permit(s) may be found on the Mississippi Department of Environmental Quality’s website at: . This information is also available for review at the following location(s) during normal business hours:

Mississippi Department of Environmental Quality

Office of Pollution Control

515 E. Amite St

Jackson, MS 39201

Greenwood Leflore Public Library

405 West Washington Street

Greenwood, MS 38930

Please bring the foregoing to the attention of persons whom you know will be interested.

August 28, 2019

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