To   all   persons   interested   in   the    following    described    Agricultural    Lands    in   the Bolivar County, Mississippi, to wit:

Section 16, Township 25 North, Range 5 West

All of the cultivatable land in Section 16, Township 25 North, Range 5 West, Second Judicial District, Bolivar County, Mississippi, containing 557.00 acres, more or less, located approximately one mile east of Duncan, Mississippi.

You are hereby  notified  that  sealed bids to lease for the Agricultural  Lease on the above described Sixteenth Section Lands, or lands in lieu thereof, may be filed with the Superintendent of Education of    North    Bolivar    Consolidated     School    District    located    at    204    N.    Edwards     Street, Bayou, Mississippi  38762, on or before  4:00 p.m.  on the  16'h day  of December, 2019. The sealed bids shall be submitted for the ENTIRE PARCEL and must include 100% of the amount bid for that parcel.   Bids shall be submitted  in a sealed envelope, and shall be plainly marked  on the outside of the    envelope    "AGRICULTURAL    BID    on    approximately    557.00    acres    in    Section    16, Township 25 North, Range 5 West." addressed to:

North Bolivar Consolidated  School District

16th Section Agricultural Bid

204 N. Edwards Street

Bayou, Mississippi 38762

All bids will be opened at 6:00 p.m. on the 16th day of December 2019, or as soon as possible thereafter. The Board reserves the right to reduce the term and reject all bids less than $132.00 per acre, the board reserves the right to hold a public auction as provided under Section 29-3-81.

North Bolivar Consolidated School District Maurice Smith, Superintendent

November 27, 2019

December 4 & 11, 2019




COUNTY OF Leflore                                                                          


WHEREAS, on the 27th day of July, 1998, David Townsend a/k/a David Lee Townsend and Clara Townsend a/k/a Clara Mae Townsend, Husband and Wife, executed and delivered a certain Deed of Trust unto J. Clifford Harrison, Trustee for Deposit Guaranty Mortgage Services, Inc., Beneficiary, to secure an indebtedness therein described, which Deed of Trust is recorded in the office of the Chancery Clerk of Leflore County, Mississippi in D/T Book 485 at Page 41; and


WHEREAS, by various assignments on record said Deed of Trust was ultimately assigned to Wells Fargo Bank, N.A. by instrument recorded in the office of the aforesaid Chancery Clerk in Mortgages & Deeds of Trust on Lands Book 660 at Page 511; and  


WHEREAS, on the 18th day of October, 2019 the Holder of said Deed of Trust substituted and appointed Dean Morris, LLC as Substitute Trustee by instrument recorded in the office of the aforesaid Chancery Clerk in Deed of Trust Book 0870 at Page 234; and


WHEREAS, default having been made in the payments of the indebtedness secured by the said Deed of Trust, and the holder of said Deed of Trust, having requested the undersigned so to do, on the 18th day of December, 2019, I will during the lawful hours of between 11:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m., at public outcry, offer for sale and will sell, at the South front entrance (or door) of the Leflore County Courthouse at Greenwood, Mississippi, for cash to the highest bidder, the following described land and property situated in Leflore County, Mississippi, to-wit:


Lot Two (2) of the Fairfield Addition, Part 2, in Leflore County, Mississippi, as same is shown on the map of said addition recorded in Plat Book 6, at Page 5, of the Records of Maps on file in the office of the Chancery Clerk of Leflore County, Mississippi.


I will only convey such title as is vested in me as Substitute Trustee.


WITNESS MY SIGNATURE, this 1st day of November, 2019.

Dean Morris, LLC

Substitute Trustee

855 S Pear Orchard Rd.,

Ste. 404, Bldg. 400

Ridgeland, MS  39157

(318) 330-9020


November 27, 2019

December 4 & 11, 2019


Notice is hereby given that BankPlus, Belzoni, Mississippi, has made application with the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation, Washington, D.C. 20429, for its written consent to acquire by merger State Bank & Trust Company, Greenwood, Mississippi.  It is contemplated that all the offices of the above-named banks will continue to be operated with the exception of the following State Bank & Trust Company branches: 140 W. Pearl St., Jackson, MS 39201; 4678 I-55 North, Jackson, MS 39211; 414 Hwy. 51 North, Ridgeland, MS 39157; 2845 Lakeland Drive, Flowood, MS 39232; 332 Crossgates Blvd., Brandon, MS 39042; 846 E. Monticello St., Brookhaven, MS 39601; 500 West Park Ave., Greenwood, MS 38935; 1754 S. Commerce St., Grenada, MS 38901; 1939 South Sherwood Forest Boulevard, Baton Rouge, LA 70816, each of which will be consolidated with a nearby branch of the resulting bank.

This notice is published pursuant to Section 18(c) of the Federal Deposit Insurance Act.  Any person wishing to comment on this application may file his/her comments in writing with the Regional Director of the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation at its Regional Office at 6060 Primacy Parkway, Suite 300, Memphis, Tennessee 38119 no later than December 13, 2019, the 30th day following November 13, 2019.  The nonconfidential portion of the application file is on file in the regional office and is available for public inspection during regular business hours.  Photocopies of information in the nonconfidential portion of the application file will be made available upon request.


Belzoni, Mississippi

State Bank & Trust Company

Greenwood, Mississippi

November 13 & 27, 2019

December 11, 2019


Pursuant to a resolution of the Administrative Board of Trustees of the Greenwood-Leflore Public Library System, public notice is hereby given of the intention of said Board to select an Auditing Firm for the fiscal year beginning October 1, 2018 – September 30, 2019.  Sealed proposals will be received by the Board, up to and no later than 9:00 AM on December 16, 2019 from auditing firms located in the state of Mississippi.  The Board will publicly open the proposals received at a special business meeting following the close of bidding.  The proposals for Auditing Services shall be in accordance with Government Auditing Standards.  The Board reserves the right to take all proposals received under consideration and to award the contract to the Auditing Firm proposing the best terms.  The Board reserves the right to reject any and all bids and to waive any formality.  

A copy of the Request for Proposal (RFP) and any additional information may be secured from Jenniffer Stephenson, Director, Greenwood-Leflore Public Library System, by mail at 405 West Washington Street, Greenwood, MS  38930, or by e-mail at

November 27, 2019

December 4 & 11, 2019


The following vehicles have been abandoned at Anytime Towing & Recovery, 617 Highway 82 W, Greenwood:



2006 nISSAN S18

Vin#: 3n1CB51D76L535864


Vin#: 2G1WH52K259216937


Vin#: 1MEHM55S41A653519


Vin#: 1GCEC14W4YZ150900


Vin#: 2G2WP552171111401


Vin#: 1G4CW52K7V4619343

2007 pONTIAC 6BS

Vin#: 1G2ZG58N574140150


Vin#: 1HGCG5641YA122048


Vin#: 1N4BL4BV0KN326859

An outstanding invoice is to be paid. Auction for these vehicles will be on Thursday, December 19, 2019 at 10:00 a.m. at 617 Highway 82 W, Greenwood, MS 38930. Call 662-392-8095.

December 4, 11 & 18, 2019

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