Trump impeachment

This is in response to the editorial “Strong on facts, weak on remedy” (Feb. 4):

The fact of the matter is that the Constitution is supposed to be the remedy. And as for bipartisan support, that’s nowhere to be found in Donald Trump’s Republican Party these days. They are in lockstep with Trump, no matter what he does. Anybody who’s been following politics knows that.

If what the president did is not impeachable, I’d love for somebody to tell me what is. If former President Barack Obama had done a fraction of what Trump has done, he would have been impeached long ago. And there would have been bipartisan support because the Democrats would have crossed over.

Just because the Republican senators seem to lack a spine is no reason that the Democrats in the House of Representatives shouldn’t have done their constitutional duty.

I see why John F. Kennedy’s book “Profiles in Courage” was not that thick. Courage is a rare commodity.


TANF embezzlement

Regarding the article “White: $4M+ taken from welfare funds” (Feb. 7):

A perfect example of our government wasting our (the taxpayers’) money by handing it over to corrupt people and the money never reaching the people whose lives it is meant to help improve.

No wonder I feel like a sap every time I pay taxes.


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