Donald Trump

Regarding Wyatt Emmerich’s op-ed column (“Why I’m voting for Trump,” Oct. 28):

I agree with almost everything Emmerich pointed out. What I disagree with is not losing sleep if Joe Biden wins.

If Biden wins, that means socialism wins and America loses. Americans will lose a lot of freedoms and a lot of money that we have worked so hard for. A lot of people have died so the rest of us can have those freedoms.

Take a look at other countries where socialism has failed tremendously and miserably and has destroyed many lives. Listen to what their escapees are saying and trying to make Americans understand.

I know Donald Trump is far from perfect. He has his flaws as everyone does. I don’t agree with him on everything, but he and his staff have done a tremendously good job for America in the less than four years he has been in office. It has been a rescue mission. We need him for another four years as a repair mission.

I firmly believe Trump will make America the best any country has ever been in the history of the world, but we have to reelect him and stand with him every step of the way.

Barney Fife

Medical marijuana

Regarding Eric Clark’s op-ed column (“Initiative 65 has major problems,” Oct. 27):

Have you wondered why it is that every person to write the newspapers in opposition to the legalization of medical marijuana is a current or former politician?

• • •

Regarding the article “Watson: Voters should feel safe going to polls” (Oct. 28):

How can we trust our state’s leaders when they try to undermine not only a fair election, but try to trick voters into choosing the 65A option on medical marijuana, which, if passed, will ultimately be used to circumvent the will of the people?

Crooks and liars, all of them.


Itta Bena

Regarding Thelma Collins’ letter to the editor (“Itta Bena needs leaders to step up,” Oct. 27):

All of this might be true, but if most residents don’t pay their bill, then the town won’t have enough money to pay its bills. I will bet anything you have thousands of dollars in past-due bills. You cannot operate unless everybody does their part.

Where is the village I hear so much about? The village should chip in and pay the bills for the ones who can’t. You cannot let people not pay their electric bill every month.


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Just once, I would like to hear a Trump supporter make an intellectually honest argument against his opponent without using the “s”-word (socialism). At least look it up in the dictionary before trotting it out again.


Just once I'd like to hear a Leftist make an intellectually honest argument. Period.

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