Darriel Gilbert

Regarding the article “Man charged in ex-girlfriend's death” (Oct. 24):

One question about Darriel Gilbert: Why was he out of prison in the first place? This man has a demonstrated propensity to murder, kidnap and assault others. Who provided this man with a gun? That “provider” should be charged and prosecuted, too.

None of us (men, women, children) are safe as long as violent criminals are allowed to continue their crime sprees.

Violence is all this man knows. He was in prison over half his life. There is no rehabilitation for him.

Republican Party

I am one of those who think that this country needs at least two political parties, but I don't see a future for the Republican Party in it current form.

Americans are not as dumb today as they were in times past. The days are limited when the Republicans can keep Americans fighting each other over two cookies, while the ones who Republicans represent sit on the sideline and watch as they hold a bag full of cookies.

The Southern strategy effect is coming to an end, and so ends the Republican Party.

Trump supporters

Regarding the comment in “My Two Cents” by Barney Fife (Oct. 29):

Just once, I would like to hear a Trump supporter make an intellectually honest argument against his opponent without using the “S”-word (socialism). At least look it up in the dictionary before trotting it out again.


Mask mandate

Regarding the article “Carroll County added to mask mandate list” (Oct. 27):

A jail/prison has an outbreak, so the whole county gets the government control mandate. The government never lets an opportunity pass by to impose more control over citizens.


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