Prison crisis

Regarding the op-ed column by Brett Kittredge “Miss. imprisons too many” (Jan. 9):

True enough the prisons are overcrowded, but whose fault it that? There are prisoners there who should have been put to death many years ago, besides the state having to feed, clothe and give medical care to someone who was sentenced to death.

I am a firm believer in public hangings. If you hang a few of the people, then maybe some of the others will think long and hard before they commit the crime.

True enough there are people in prison who have not done a serious crime, but I also think these judges are too light on them, with just a slap on the hand and saying, “Don’t do this again.” Once offenders see that the courts are not going to do anything to them, they just go and do it again.

Jimmy V

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Regarding the editorial “Whose pay needs raising the most?” (Jan. 9):

If our state can afford to confer hundreds of millions of dollars in tax cuts and to stash away more hundreds of millions in a so-called rainy day fund, then it can also afford to pay a decent living wage to both our corrections personnel and our education professionals. There is no need to pit one against the other.


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