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The article “Ex-mayor, police critic qualify” (Jan. 10) states that Sheriel Perkins has served as a character education consultant with the Greenwood and Leflore County schools.

Without going into how much Mrs. Perkins got paid for this “job,” it would be appropriate for someone to define just exactly what “character education” encompasses and what does a “character education consultant” do to earn her pay.


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It is of great interest that Ex-mayor Sheriel Perkins is running on a platform of improving Greenwood. He husband Rep. Willie Perkins blocked the hotel-motel tax (the one the motels and hotels supported) that would be used on the restoration of the old Russell Bldg to complete the Howard Street, Main Street and Linear Parkway improvements in Downtown Greenwood. It could be used for family and class reunions, wedding receptions and could be a civil rights museum that could tie in with the Civil Rights Trail, Blues Trail and other trail projects in the works. Willie wanted to get rid of our Convention and Tourism Center. Life is about choices, make sure you make the right choice on election day! Our progress and future could go away with the blink of a vote.

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"Character education consultant"???? Just what was her salary??? No wonder our local school system is in such bad shape. Teachers need a raise---and obviously administration needs a severe overhaul. Mrs. Perkins is a very nice , sweet lady. But she cannot run this city efficiently---and this was clearly evident during her 3 years as Mayor. If Willie Perkins wants to be Mayor, he should run himself: but this city does not need several years of a surrogate mouthpiece mayor who cannot make a decision on her own.

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