Greenwood hospital

I read the article with interest about the Greenwood Leflore Hospital Board meeting with the City Council and Leflore County supervisors (“Hospital study planned,” March 19). I am curious as to what the three boards can do to turn the hospital around.

Layoffs seem to be in order, and I’m not talking about the lower-paid employees. I think the hospital is too top-heavy. How can a person in this or any area make $100,000 with only a high school diploma? I need that hookup.

What is the big deal about feeding the hospital board members who volunteer their time and are often kept in a meeting two to three hours. If they are meeting after 5 p.m., it’s only fair that the hospital feed them. I’m sure this practice of feeding the board didn’t just start.

What was the purpose of putting the entire menu in the paper when we have so many other real problems at the hospital? Cutting the meals out would not even be a drop in the bucket. As far as the leftovers being taken out, what do you suggest doing with them? Throw them in the trash?

Some do anything to attempt to make people look bad. I’m glad we know the game.


Editor’s note: Members of the hospital board are not technically “volunteers.” They receive $150 per meeting.

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Regarding the hospital board’s decision to scan with a metal detector visitors to its meetings, this is a fine idea. Being proactive is better than being reactive, especially to a tragedy in hindsight.

The people in this town love toting their guns, and you never know when someone will get ticked off.


School district

Regarding the article “Brown selects three assistant superintendents” (March 22):

I pray for the children and the city of Greenwood. I don’t think there will be any progress in the soon-to-be consolidated school district with what we have. If so, we would have already seen some progress.

These are the same people, just in different positions, so what will change? Nothing positive was going on in their past positions.

I can’t speak to the Leflore County district, but the city needs an overhaul from top to bottom.

Helpless in Greenwood

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