Regarding the editorial “A dive into the virus statistics” (Nov. 20):

This is one of the “best” articles I have ever read in months of the pandemic from numerous media sources.

I would love to see daily statistics based on age group and whether the virus was the primary reason for death or a contributing factor vs. an individual with a history of heart disease, diabetes or some other major sickness. Another interesting statistic would be the number of “false positives” vs. “positives.”

Again, thanks for a great article.


Clint Guenther letter

Regarding Clint Guenther’s letter to the editor (“Cuomo’s Thanksgiving order is ridiculous,” Nov. 20):

Wow. What a way to spread holiday cheer by wishing death on people who both likely neither know nor care to know you. This is the kind of hate that is so loosely spewed from the mouths of Mississippians that give us the reputation we have.

Do as you will with your family and holiday celebrations and respect the decisions of others .... and respect leaders. You’d want the same.

Happy holidays!


Itta Bena

Regarding the article “Rep: Entergy ready to help Itta Bena” (Nov. 18):

How does the city plan on paying its debt to the Municipal Energy Agency of Mississippi? There has been no mention of that in any of the articles.


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