GHS transfers

Wow. Why didn’t Pillow Academy get some of these players? Would have been nice to keep the Greenwood players playing in their hometown.


State flag

Regarding the changing of Mississippi’s state flag:

I pray I live to see One Term Tater Reeves thrown out of office.

He’s an impostor. He was a Democrat all along.


Colon cancer

Regarding the article “Actor’s death brings attention to colon cancer” (Sept. 5):

Excellent article and information from Dr. Ricky Goldberg.

My daughter-in-law’s mom is a prime example of not ever having a colonoscopy, even after seeing a major symptom as bleeding, and now they are battling colon cancer.

Leland Reader

Mystery ribbons

Regarding the comment in “My Two Cents” (Sept. 5) by Hyperopia about the mystery ribbons on the trees on Grand Boulevard:

Here we go again. Everything has to be about race.

How does Hyperopia know who is included or not? At least he or she could have waited for the announcement and then screamed racism.


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