Emmerich column

Regarding Wyatt Emmerich’s column “Trump was a big mistake” (Jan. 29):

Disagree as I might with him on so many issues, with this Wyatt Emmerich is placed on my short list of Republicans who can be, at the same time, both rational and courageous.

Hal Fiore

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Thank you, Mr. Emmerich.


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Hillary Clinton would have been an even bigger mistake, just like Joe Biden probably will be.


Male teachers

Regarding the article “Bailey: District needs more male faculty members” (Jan. 29):

Dr. Ro’Shaun Bailey, there will forever be a shortage of men working in the Greenwood Leflore Consolidated School District. Men will not work for low salaries like women do.

A lot of women are single mothers who are responsible for trying to provide for their families the best that they can. Therefore, we will take basically whatever we can, whereas men will not.

Will you please seek to get an increase in pay for the female staff already working for the district? Especially the support staff who are bringing home less than $900 per month. The average man will not work for this.


$15 minimum wage

Regarding the editorial “The risk of a $15 minimum wage” (Jan. 30):

I would love to hear what someone who’s working a minimum wage job has to say about this topic.

However, if you earn ten times that amount, you are too far removed to truly understand.

There is no wrong time to do the right thing.

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