Regarding Hal Fiore’s comment in “My Two Cents” (Nov. 10) about the coronavirus and Donald Trump:

Mr. Fiore, you are one of the things that is wrong with our country. It is one thing for you to hate our president, but when you start blaming a race for what’s wrong with our country, you are speaking to me.

I can guarantee you it’s not only whites who voted for and will put Trump back in the White House for another four years. It’s all nationalities.

For your information, Democrats are the ones who took God out of schools and businesses.

Democrats are the ones who stopped the national anthem.

Democrats are the ones who want to open borders to illegals.

Democrats are the ones wanting to defund our police so our families have no protection while the Democrats take away our guns.

Democrats are the ones who allowed sick men to dress as women and go to bathrooms with our daughters and granddaughters.

That’s what’s sick, Mr. Fiore. We are silent no more.

Cult 45

Donald Trump

I don’t know who wrote the editorial “Do they want President Pelosi?” (Nov. 16), but whoever it was probably needs to be looking for another job.

Wyatt Emmerich voted for Donald Trump (“Why I’m voting for Trump,” Oct. 28), which means that he thought that Trump was doing a good job as president and that all of the lies and damage Trump was doing and is doing to our country were what he wanted for four more years.

The writer of the editorial didn’t lie and say that the election was stolen. This probably put him or her at odds with Wyatt. I bet Wyatt believes that the election was stolen, as Trump is saying, because apparently Wyatt believed the thousand of lies that Trump has told over the past four years.

Good luck finding another job, because Trump and his followers will fire you for not carrying the line for them and pushing the lies.

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Hal Fiore

I didn't bring up race, anonymous little man, that was the subject of the column to which I was responding. As for all of the rest of the delusions you choose to spout off about Democrats while, of course, lacking the courage or character to use your real name, I wouldn't know. I'm not a Democrat, I just vot for them when they're running against raging lunatics, which the entire Republican party seems to have devolved into. Thanks for illustrating my point, there, "Cult 45." Nice name for a kool-aid drinker.


Dear Hal, your post was dripping with racism! you didn't have to say the word. All of your post are just alike. If you are going to post at least come up with new material beside always gang banging Trump!

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