Teacher assistants

Three weeks ago, the Mississippi Department of Education gave all certificated teachers in the state an incentive of $1,200. Of course, the assistant teachers were left out of the deal.

The teacher assistants felt sad, disappointed, unappreciated and used up. They could have given us $500 because of all the work we do.

1.They don’t have substitute teachers anymore because they use the assistant teachers.

2.When the homeroom teacher is absent, the assistant teacher must fill in and teach the class that day or week.

3.When the assistant teacher serves as a substitute teacher, the assistant is responsible for teaching the class.

4.Assistant teachers are responsible for tutoring certain students at the end of each day.

5.You have some teacher assistants who can out-teach the certificated teachers.

6.When the teacher assistants are absent, some teachers will have a panic attack because they don’t have any help.

Teacher assistants are the backbone of all certificated teachers!

Turkey ‘tips’

What a delightful surprise I had Thanksgiving morning when I read the recipes for cooking a turkey — provided by some very creative, enterprising students in the first grade at St. Francis School (“St. Francis third graders give turkey recipes,” Nov. 27). I especially liked the chocolate one! (My husband liked the duck best.)

Thank you so much for including this story in our paper. Thanksgiving is a day set aside to thank God for our many blessings — and these children are certainly blessings we can be thankful for!

Charlot Ray

New police chief

The Greenwood Police Department must be a miserable place to work. I think it just got worse.

A person has been hired as police chief who has no experience in law enforcement. In fact, he has to be trained. He will be the boss of those who have spent years in the department.

If morale was low at the department before this, well, this should sink it to the bottom.

Greenwood needs new leadership, starting at the top. I know we are located in Mississippi and many things happen in this state that are insane. But a child can see that this hire will do much more harm then good.


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