Hospital traffic light

Regarding the article “Many disregard flashing red light by hospital” (Feb. 28):

Honestly, I had not noticed the light until almost a month after it was installed. Habit. But once it was brought to my attention, I do stop.

The “problem” with the light is that even city workers (all of them) run right through it. People don't slow down once reaching the marked 15 mph zone, including city workers.

Maybe putting the word “STOP” on the pavement where we need to stop would be beneficial.


• • •

Install a camera. Violators will find a citation in their mailbox. That’ll learn ’em.



On the subject of potholes, the alley behind my house is half-paved and half-graveled. There are potholes all the way down it.

About a week ago, the city came through and graded the gravel half. Didn’t bother to fill in the potholes in the paved half, and now potholes are back in the gravel half.

It sure would be nice if the city would pave the entire alley. Maybe dig the paved half up, get a steamroller in there and pack the ground the way it should be, and then pave the whole alley.

The mayor is so up on making Greenwood look like Madison, it would probably be a good thing to pave all of the alleys in town. What do y’all think?

Old Buffalo


It needs to stop raining. My friend’s house got flooded. This needs to stop. It is driving the wildlife into town. A deer was spotted by a runner on Robert E. Lee Boulevard. Also it caused a wreck that I had to drive past.

Make this madness stop.

Carroll election

Regarding the article “5 running for Carroll County chancery clerk” (March 2):

If you believe that some of the candidates that are running as Democrats really think that way, I have some beachfront property in Arizona that I’d like to sell you. For most of you who are running as an independent, you have a lot of chutzpah and good luck.


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