Mystery ribbons

In reference to Clarence’s response in “My Two Cents” (Sept. 8) to Hyperopia’s comment (Sept. 5) about the mystery ribbons on Grand Boulevard:

As I read Hyperopia’s comment, it was about well-traveled streets. How Clarence got race out of that is beyond me. For sure, all races live in North Greenwood. Grand Boulevard was mentioned because the pink ribbons were on trees along it.

It’s not “here we go again.” It’s here Clarence goes again. He mentioned race.

Park Avenue, Claiborne, Avenue, Sgt. John Pittman Drive and Poplar Stret are among some well-traveled streets, as is our downtown, which is in the Main Street district.

Just Sayin’

Legalizing marijuana

Mississippi really should legalize marijuana. After all, it’s already being sold tax- and duty-free throughout the state.

Just think of the jobs we’d create, the revenue we’d generate, the tax base we’d rejuvenate and the criminals we’d obliterate. I even have a grand idea for the first multimedia commercial.

Picture this: A lazy sun sinking slowly over a golden-green field of the wily weed as it waves gently in the late afternoon breeze. Then ... (wait for it) ... (wait for it) ... you hear it. That inimitable, unmistakable guttural drawl that is, and can only be, none other than ... Sam Elliott, musing plaintively, but oh so enticingly and invitingly, “Mississippi. No longer just a state. Now — a state of mind.” And the crowd (not to mention the state’s coffers) goes wild!

Guy Fawkes

Bob Woodward

Regarding Tim Kalich’s op-ed column (“Woodward’s the main goat,” Sept. 12):

I think that it is interesting how Kalich condemns Woodward for doing his job as a journalist, yet I see no condemnation of Donald Trump for not doing his job, which was to protect the citizens of the USA from harm.


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