School safety

I am truly appalled and shaken by the comments made by Greenwood Leflore Consolidated School District Superintendent Mary Brown about having no control of what the students bring into the schools, as quoted in your paper Sept. 11 (“Brown: Gun incidents were handled quickly”).

Does this mean that the security efforts in place, such as the resource officers, metal detectors and hall monitors, are just for show and our children are not protected?

How could the superintendent of a major school district let those words come out of her mouth?

In order for the children to excel academically and flourish developmentally, the school must be a safe haven for them to learn. Meaning they should not have to continue to look over their shoulders in the event someone brings a weapon to school.

Concerned Parent of the Greenwood Leflore Consolidated School District

Editor’s note: The exact quote from Dr. Mary Brown was: “We have no control over what a child brings from off the street.”

In fairness to her, we understood her to say that the school district does take steps to keep students and staff safe. However, it can’t stop a child from trying to bring a weapon to school or a school function but can only react if it happens.

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Wrongful death case

In regard to the comment by Carol in “My Two Cents” (Sept. 10) about the wrongful death lawsuit against K.K. Kent:

Attacking Gwen Perkins because you don't agree is just wrong. Everyone has a right to their opinion. Whether we like the opinion or not, it should be respected.

End of conversation!

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