Itta Bena

I have been following the articles in the Commonwealth related to Itta Bena’s electrical service problems for quite some time.

I certainly would not want to see any community lose electrical service for whatever reason. But I do have a major problem with something that I read in the Oct. 30 edition of the paper (“Power options considered for Itta Bena”).

The article made reference to the fact that the cost of converting Itta Bena to Entergy will be “absorbed” by the existing 450,000 customers statewide. I think this is absolutely unacceptable. Why should we, as bill-paying loyal customers of Entergy, foot any portion of the costs of bailing out Itta Bena? Whatever the cause of its problems, we are not responsible.

I, along with other Entergy customers, deserve to see a more specific layout of expected costs that are to be “passed on” to us.

Al Holliday

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