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Regarding the article “State officials detail spending spree” (Aug. 7):

I have been anxiously waiting for the results, and as of yet none have been given. I’m talking about the nonauthorized spending by the former Greenwood School District.

I don’t know who signed the checks, but someone did, and by now, we, the public, should know. But we don’t.

On another note, where are the Chromebooks that were so publicized in the beginning to be given to every child in the consolidated school district? Also, if we are ONE, as the new superintendent and her staff are eager to throw out, are Elzy and Leflore offered the same courses that are offered at Greenwood High? Is there a volleyball team at all high schools? Are all students given an opportunity to attend classes given at the Greenwood Vo-Tech Center? There are so many unanswered questions.

Why did the schools consolidate? Mike Kent of the Mississippi Department of Education told a group of concerned citizens at Leflore Elementary that mainly it would save money. We all know now that’s not true. What’s different now?

Editor’s note: Dr. Mary Brown, superintendent of the Greenwood Leflore Consolidated School District, provided the following response:

As stated during numerous faculty, staff, parent and stakeholder meetings, which were conducted beginning in April 2019, we will send out the dates for Chromebooks to be distributed after all parents have gone through orientation in late August. This information is also stated in a communication from the Office of Organizational Support on the district’s Facebook page.

All students have the opportunity and access to take courses needed to ensure that they meet graduation requirements.

The existing volleyball team at Greenwood High School was established prior to consolidation. There were no existing teams at either of the other two high schools. We are reviewing student interests in districtwide extracurricular activities. We currently offer a variety of extracurricular activities for students.

The Greenwood Vo-Tech Center’s name was changed to the Greenwood Leflore Career and Technical Education Center. Vocational courses are offered for our students. Students are currently transported to and from the vocational center from all three high schools.

We encourage parents and community stakeholders to attend parent meetings and contact the schools to be provided clarity regarding any misinformation and misconceptions.

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