Lead pipes

We read frequently about how various cities across the country are dealing with the problem of lead pipes in the drinking water system.

Does Greenwood have lead pipes in our system?

Perhaps Greenwood Utilities could inform us of this situation in our Greenwood water system.

Editor’s note: Greenwood Utilities provided the following response:

Safely providing quality water and electric service to our customers has been and always will be the priority of Greenwood Utilities.

In 1991, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency published a regulation to control lead and copper in drinking water. This regulation is known as the Lead and Copper Rule. It places limits on the concentration of lead and copper at the customer’s tap as well as limiting the amount of corrosion in the pipes.

Even prior to the publication of this rule, Greenwood Utilities tested (and we continue to test) our water on a monthly basis to ensure healthy and safe water is provided. With the publication of the Lead and Copper Rule, Greenwood Utilities complied (and continues to comply) with the new federally mandated testing for lead and copper.

Because of the quality of the water provided by Greenwood Utilities, a natural biofilm is formed on the inside of the water lines that prevents contact with the pipes. Therefore, no treatment is required to meet the federally mandated standards for lead and copper.

Additional tests have been performed by third-party laboratories since the publication of the Lead and Copper Rule that confirm the water provided to our customers is healthy and safe.

Greenwood Utilities is committed to our goal of continuous provision of quality water and electric service to our customers.


Regarding the article “Priests will say goodbye” (Dec. 27):

The Redemptorists are wonderful servants of God. May the Lord bless them in their new duties.

Robert Darden

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