Train depot

Regarding the article “City leaders receive guidance on how to renovate train depot” (March 15):

I wish them the best, but I don’t think they realize what they’re up against. Amtrak has been defunded and stripped to the bare essentials of getting people from point A to point B.

One positive is that Greenwood is a “smoke break” stop, so passengers have the option of leaving the train for about 5 minutes. Some percentage will do so, and most just will stand on the platform and smoke. Passengers are warned against wandering far, and the train WILL leave without them if they are late getting back.

I’m not sure what the statistic cited on the number of passengers who stop here means, but you only stop here for any length of time if you are getting on or off. Period.

Don’t get me wrong. I love the train. I travel cross-country on it twice a year. It’s the best, most comfortable way to travel. Improving the depot would be a grand plus for my experience, and a plus for the city. But you have to find some way to get people to want to take the train here other than hoping to grab them off of the train when it stops here. It just doesn’t work that way.

Hal Fiore

Questions galore

How come on a tag renewal card it has, “If your garbage bill is delinquent, it must be paid before tag can be purchased”? How come someone is not checking to see if bill is paid before a tag is issued? Who is at fault? If one gets by, many will follow, and money is lost for the county.

How come it is important to spend money beautifying the city to draw tourists to a city full of potholes? Do tourists want to come here and tear up the vehicles they drive? Money for potholes must not be as important as a park or flowers.

How come two or three supervisors drive Dodge Chargers? They are not police and do not chase criminals.

So many questions. Money being spent for useless things.

Sad for Greenwood, but who is to blame? Money, money, it’s a shame!

Just Asking

Body found

Regarding the article “Body found in Sidon” (March 14):

I’m praying for that family. I’m gonna sip this tea and see what your sheriff comes up with.

Something’s wrong with this picture. All these unsolved cases, and you trust him to run for sheriff again.

Law enforcement and the judicial system need to be removed. I fault them both because they let the same ole folks walk crime after crime.

Dismiss Yourself

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