Population loss

Regarding the headline articles on May 25 ( “Greenwood still losing population”) and June 11 (“Potential rise in school tax bills a concern”):

Greenwood is losing population because of the taxes that rise each year for inferior public schools.

Mayor Carolyn McAdams wants more affordable housing built in the city to try and entice people to come to Greenwood. What do people who live in housing projects care about taxes on property, as they don’t pay any?

David Jordan and other black members of the City Council won’t approve any annexation of white population because it will dilute the black vote.

Greenwood needs more factories to employ people but they “ain’t coming” due to the reasons above.

What a mess!

Greenwood taxpayer

Teacher licensing

This is one of the reasons Mississippi continues to be in last place in education. You have people who are willing to teach our children for a minimum salary and the state continues to make it difficult, as opposed to doing what’s necessary for our students to have certified teachers. This is absolutely backward.

Those who are in charge need to be replaced. It’s obvious they don’t have the students in mind when making these decisions.


Yazoo pumps

Regarding Tim Kalich’s op-ed column “Keep promise on pumps” (June 15):

Thank you for digging into the details and reaching the logical conclusion. The fairness aspect of the whole deal gets lost because the history is so long, and in the age of social media, it’s lost because it takes more than a headline or a tweet to establish the basis for a proper reasoning.

We flooded South Deltans are grateful!

Paige Adcock

Ole Miss mascot

Regarding the article “Alligator snapping turtle ‘an absolute monster’” (June 15):

Ole Miss should use the snapping turtle as its animal mascot. There are few animals more “rebellious” than a snapping turtle. The bear didn’t work out, and the landshark is just plain lame.


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