Public schools

This comment comes from a retired educator with more than 40 years’ experience in both the Greenwood and Leflore County public schools.

Our public education system in the Delta is just a shame. It is run by individuals with all these impressive degrees, but they have no clue about how to run a district or educate our children.

Most classrooms are run by teachers with “social work” degrees who have never taught or have a clue about lesson plans. It’s just a shame our children have to suffer because of ignorance or greed from the people in charge.

Have you ever wondered why administrators and teachers get “repositioned” or “reshuffled”? I can vouch for the fact that if this happens, you can bet they were not doing their job or couldn’t handle the job they were hired to do. No one ever gets fired.

It would take a miracle to turn our public education system around for the better.

I thank God for private and parochial schools, where we can pray openly and our children are taught by caring, qualified professionals. Usually these schools have one principal. If you look at most schools’ history, it only takes one principal to do the job. Why now does it take several principals and several assistants to run it?

Old Smart Educator

Ribbon cutting

What a great opening for the new meat market that had its grand opening on Oct. 18.

This is just an observation, but the ambassadors for the Greenwood-Leflore County Chamber of Commerce should let the people who are the owners and the workers be on the front row for a ribbon-cutting picture.

The two workers at Mississippi Meat Co. were on the end, barely in the picture that appeared on Facebook, but the ambassadors were front and center. You could barely see the two owners for the ambassadors. The wives of the owners were barely in the picture for the same reason.

Let the workers hold the ribbon, and the ambassadors get in the back.

Stop hogging the picture

State flag

Regarding the editorial “Two state flags as compromise?” (Oct. 19):

Put the question of keeping or changing the state flag to a statewide vote on the next state ballot, with 51% carrying the issue. Also suggest that the removal of any community/city statue also be put to a vote by all registered community/city voters. The removal of the state flag or statue on a college campus should also be voted on by all community members — students, faculty and alumni. If the college receives any state funding, then the removal of the state flag should not be allowed unless the entire state votes on the issue. Again, 51% of those voting would carry the issue.


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I agree with "Old Smart Educators comments regarding the public school system in Greenwood . My children were educated in the public school system in the 80's and early 90s. There was not a need for so many administrators and teachers's assistants. There are less students but more teachers, administrators. I thought when the Leflore County Schools were consolidated some schools were going to be combined. That didn't happen. We still have 3 separate High schools and numerous elementary and middle schools. More assistants at higher pay. Our taxes are increasing but schools continue to have failing grades. What was accomplished by consolidation of the school?

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