Wrongful death case

I’m continually appalled at the comments in “My Two Cents” concerning the $2 million award to the family of the young man who lost his life because of the Kent lady’s negligence in not securing her animal. What is wrong with these people?

I’ve long known there is a culture of individuals who’re more concerned with money and image than human life, but this is ridiculous.

If the 62-year-old nurse wants the $2 million that was awarded to the victim's family (“My Two Cents,” Aug. 28), she can try to lose her life accidently and tell her family to try for $2 million after lawyers, etc.

I bet she’s proclaiming to be a Christian, too!


Friar abuse case

Regarding the article “St. Francis abuse case settled on the cheap” (Aug. 28):

My heart is broken that my nephews suffered at the hands of those who were supposed to have protected them from the evils of this world. Instead they caused them a lifetime of mental distress, taking away their innocence that will never be repaired.

May God have mercy and bring healing to all those who have been abused and the families that were hurt by this.

There is no amount of money that can erase this deep hurt.

georgia clophus

Tax increase

Regarding the article “5 citizens attend Greenwood City Council budget hearing” (Aug. 28):

I couldn’t attend the council meeting. I have to work for a living.

But I have a question for the mayor and council. Since we had $2.8 million left over in the budget, why do you need another $218,000?

Old Buffalo

AT&T strike

Regarding the article “AT&T strikers set up on Park Ave.” (Aug 27):

I wonder how many of those AT&T personnel voted for Donald Trump. I truly hope their efforts are in vain.


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