Courthouse grounds

About the Leflore County courthouse grounds (“Magnolia near courthouse may be cut down,” May 7):

The only thing we should say is a big thank-you to Silvana Rausa, who has made the courthouse grounds more beautiful than they have ever been before. It is an outrage to think of tearing out any of her plantings, whether the roses or the daisies, or to destroy the magnolia tree rather than judiciously trim it back a bit.

The Greenwood Garden Club needs to stay out of it and merely congratulate a job well done. Her landscaping is not only beautiful, but it is entirely perennial and requires minimal upkeep.

Anita Batman

Nation’s crises

Some say that we are in a constitutional crisis. One can call where we are as a country many things, but where we are at this time in our history will determine our future.

Laws are being broken and ignored by the highest office of the land, an office that took an oath to obey the laws and our Constitution.  Guns are being put into our children’s hands, and our children are using them to kill other children. The insane and those who are filled with hate can get a gun just as easy as coffee and kill many in a matter of minutes.

These are just two of the ills that we tolerate and in some cases encourage each day.

Stop signs

Regarding the new stop signs installed near Greenwood Leflore Hospital:

It would great if the city could see its way clear to install a four-way stop at the corner of Liddell Street and East Harding Avenue. Need to slow the traffic going from Poplar and Weightman streets.

Old Buffalo

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