‘Left-wing media’

“Whining at the Times” (Aug. 27) by Rich Lowry is a good op-ed column. It is about time for someone to call out the left-wing media and their fake news.

The media can control our public conversation and even actions. In the past, good journalists demanded truth with sources given and checks for accuracy. Today that seems to be lost.

Fake news needs to be called out. The political cartoon on that same day wonderfully illustrated the latest fake news from the left.


Wrongful death case

Regarding the article “Kent ordered to pay $2M for death” (Aug. 17):

I need a job where Jose Escudero worked.

I’m 62 years old, have worked all of my life as a nurse and have never come close to making $2 million.

I am sorry about this death and praying for his family. I also pray for K.K. Kent as she tries to relinquish this burden.

Gwen Perkins

Clinton Gatewood

Regarding the article “Greenwood’s head man may not coach vs. Leflore County” (Aug. 22):

If there is a conflict of interest now, there was a conflict of interest when Clinton Gatewood was hired or appointed to the new position. Sounds like a Greenwood Leflore Consolidated School District administrative issue?


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