Regarding Sid Salter’s op-ed column (“Casinos critical to recovery,” May 20):

Mississippi claims to be one of the most, if not the most, God-fearing state in the nation, but there is one unpardonable sin above all that our leaders will never commit: They will never dare to ask the most well-off and big business to pay their share of the costs of maintaining the state.

So, we fall prey to “easy money” schemes, such as gambling and the lottery. Some even rationalize it by saying we are taxing sin that would otherwise be “off the books,” and there might even be a tiny amount of truth to that.

But then in order to fill the revenue needs that after a point have become necessities, it becomes necessary to promote and favor the very sinful activities we supposedly abhor.

Meanwhile, the biggest expenditures in history at the national level are favored by all of our state congressional delegation, and are largely mismanaged to reward the biggest gamblers of all, the stock market players. And, indeed, the stock market is the one sector of the economy that, as I write, has managed to do pretty well through the crisis, representing a massive transfer of wealth to the rich from the rest of us. How in the world did we get to this point?

Hal Fiore

Dangerous drivers

This is concerning the motorists who travel east and west on Strong Avenue, both emergency and nonemergency vehicles, with children playing on both sides of the street, chasing balls and just doing what children do.

These motorists drive entirely too fast. Some hit the speed bumps just before you get to the hospital, traveling at dangerous speeds.

So before someone is hurt or killed, please take notice.

Concerned Citizen

Vitamin D

Thank you, Dr. John Hey (“Vitamin D might ward off COVID-19,” May 12) and Delta Girl (“My Two Cents,” May 15), for bringing up vitamin D. And thank you Delta Girl for mentioning brilliant physician Dr. Leslie Ray Matthews from Indianola, whom I have heard of and may have read some of his articles.

Most conventional doctors don’t care to mention anything natural and will just roll their eyes. I have been taking vitamin D among other supplements for years. The last time it was checked by my doctor, it was good.

If you don’t do anything else, have your vitamin D checked and learn all you can to improve your health with good habits and nutrition. You will not regret it.


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