Greenwood hospital

We live in a surrounding county and rely on Greenwood Leflore Hospital. We rely on it for tests and emergency care.

I don’t know what the problem is and am not pointing fingers. I will say that if you don’t renew someone’s contract, to me it is the same as firing them.

GLH has had many excellent physicians to leave and take paying patients with them to other area hospitals. While hiring yet another firm to do a study may look good on paper, often the best fix is to have qualified people in place.

As many of us know, business prospects and people looking to relocate check the schools, health care and quality of life in an area. Build it and they will come.


Roger Wicker

Regarding Sid Salter’s op-ed column praising Roger Wicker (“Wicker’s vote was right,” March 20), I have to disagree with Salter.

Cindy Hyde-Smith voted with President Trump because she comes up for re-election pretty soon. Roger Wicker on the other hand hopes in the next five years the voters of Mississippi will forget that he did not vote the way the majority of people in Mississippi wanted.

President Trump is popular here, and the border presents a crisis for the United States and for some of those trying to cross, especially women and children. Roger was standing with Mitch McConnell rather than the people who elected him to represent them.

School hires

Regarding the article “Brown selects three assistant superintendents” (March 22):

This should be named the Greenwood School District. No one from the Leflore County schools out of three top positions.

I guess we will get all the cleaning jobs.


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