Winter storms

We should all be thankful that Greenwood was blessed during the extreme wintry weather we just endured.

Thanks also to Mayor Carolyn McAdams for the continual maintenance of long, overhanging branches throughout our city. This, in turn, helped to prevent any power outages.

A Senior Citizen

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It was like living in a freezer for a week. The Yankees can have this cold weather and can come and get it anytime they like and take it back up north.

d taylor

Untrustworthy pols

Excellent editorial in the Feb. 20 paper on why no one trusts politicians (“You can’t trust a word they say”).

It’s sad to think that most holders of public office are a far, far cry from our country’s best. But the “profession” is so sleazy and has become so disreputable, with so many that went into it middle class at best and came out filthy rich (or maybe just filthy), most decent, honest, hard-working people wouldn’t touch it with a 10-foot pole.

Clint Guenther

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Regarding the editorial “You can’t trust a word they say” (Feb. 20):

“Now we find” ... ? It’s been obvious since the outset that Andrew Cuomo mishandled the situation with COVID-19 in New York. Obvious to anybody who had the honesty and courage to report on it, that is.


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