U.S. 82 roadblocks

Regarding the comment from Skywalker in “My Two Cents” (June 4) about roadblocks at U.S. 82 and Strong Avenue:

Let me clarify a few issues for you.

The Greenwood Fire Department collects donations for burn victims. School organizations collect donations for field trips or uniforms. American Legion Post 200 collects donations to provide transportation to the Veterans Affairs hospital and regional offices in Jackson twice a month at no cost to the veterans. We also use those funds to purchase school supplies for two local elementary schools. We sponsor a local oratorical contest for high school students and sponsor the winners to participate in state and national contests, all expenses paid.

Be a patriot and not a hater. You can always donate your wealth to the cause of assisting disadvantaged children and veterans. We will gladly accept your money to sponsor these needed services.

Pedestrians have the right-of-way all over America, so slow down or take another route. Post 200 is insured with a million-dollar policy just in case of an accident.

No one will be sued by Legionnaires. We served and protected this country from danger domestically and abroad. We volunteer our time to promote advancement in our community.

Public Relations Officer

American Legion Post 200


This concerns abortion.

Liberals say it’s a woman’s right to do anything she wants to her body. Well, you most certainly can until you create another human being, who has rights also.

Whatever reason you don’t want that baby, why do you have to kill it? You could at least have the decency to have it and give it up for adoption.

Some states say abortion is OK in the case of incest or rape. No, not even then. You’re still killing a baby. Someone else would love to have it.

The only exception is if it’s endangering the life of the mother.

So, ladies, stop being so promiscuous and you won’t have to make this decision.

Mary Burton

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