Renaldo Hunt slaying

Regarding the article “Body found on side of Mississippi 7” (May 30):

How could you degrade someone even when they’re deceased?

This is my cousin. To sit here and read this article makes me sick to my stomach. You have no respect for Renaldo Hunt, his mom, his kids nor any of his relatives. Regardless of what his criminal background says about him, he was still loved by many. What if this was one of your family members? How would you feel sitting at home while you’re grieving the loss of your loved one and you have to read some bull like this.

This says a lot about The Greenwood Commonwealth as a whole, just this one article alone. This isn’t the first time y’all have done something like this, and I see it won’t be the last.


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A person’s criminal record should not dictate their death. Just as you've looked at your previous articles for information on this son of someone, your paper should examine how you write about other victims who also had criminal histories but aren’t black or brown. There is a clear difference.

When your reporting on black and brown bodies is done with the exclusion of any other positive images or even just full contextualization, you fall into stereotypical and cherry-picking sensationalized story-telling rather than fact-based reporting.

Do better, Commonwealth.

Third Citizen

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Why post his criminal record? That’s his past. What does it have to do with his death?

Y’all wanna make him look like a bad person, but everyone makes mistakes and can change.


Senior trip scam

A $10,000 bond is too light for this sorry maneuver. Kudos to those who gave to help these seniors have a well-deserved trip.

Ruth Jensen

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This is so sad. I feel so badly for these kids and parents.

Michelle Amato Livingston

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