Crime fighting

Regarding the article “Ex-officer offers help fighting crime” (Nov. 6):

I wonder how many cameras could be installed in comparison to the cost of one police officer? I am not suggesting replacing officers with cameras. However, I wonder how much 100 cameras placed throughout the city would impact crime? Could they be monitored by using existing resources, such as the 911 call center or police dispatch?

Something new needs to be done to address not only this rash of violent crimes but also the property crimes prevalent but not reported. I stand by the efforts of the Greenwood Police Department and think it is doing a fantastic job, considering its limited resources.



Regarding the editorial “COVID is equal opportunity illness” (Nov. 6):

You list several possible reasons for this development, but the answer is right there on page 11 of this very issue (“Counties with worst virus surges backed Trump”).

The recent election illustrates that the majority of white people support Donald Trump, and it seems that being a Trump supporter isn’t just bad for the country, it’s bad for your health.

Makes sense: If you believe Trump, you want to act like him, so you rarely take any precautions. You are more likely to attend crowded events where no one makes you distance or wear a mask. It turns out that following Trump isn't just sickening, it’s sickening.

Hal Fiore

Inmate rehabilitation

Regarding Nelrich E. Tramiel’s letter to the editor (“Inmate rehabilitation is important,” Oct. 29):

God bless you on your way out to hopefully practice what you and the other men have learned.

Our family has been down that road with a family member, and they are home with us doing well.

Get all the education you can. Knowledge is power!

Leland Reader

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