‘Racist’ label

The four women representatives, “The Squad,” called House Speaker Nancy Pelosi “racist.” Joe Biden has been called “racist.” News commentators on CNN and MSNBC often call some Republicans “racist.” Now the Democrats in the House call our president “racist.”

The attacks are nonsensical and absurd. “Racist” is the new hateful title given to anyone and everyone with whom the name-caller disagrees or hates, regardless if the title is true or not. If you disagree with someone of color, you are a “racist.” If you disagree with a woman and you are male, you are a “racist.” If you disagree with someone of another nationality than yourself, you are a “racist.”

The opposition to the Squad of representatives has absolutely nothing to do with their gender, religion or race. It has to do with their socialist policies that will ruin America and their constant remarks against America.

All need to stop labeling others as “racist” when it does not apply.

School repairs

Regarding the article in Wednesday’s paper (“Board vacancy must be filled before September,” July 17) concerning the Greenwood Leflore Consolidated School District approving roofing renovation projects for Threadgill Elementary’s pre-kindergarten wing and Greenwood High School’s Wing C:

There was no mention about Leflore County High or Leflore Elementary, where it rains in the building all the time. Some classrooms have to have buckets put out when it rains. Will those buildings be repaired as well? Why are repairs only being done to the Greenwood area schools? Will the buildings be repaired before school starts? So much hiring has been done in administration already.

Ann 2019

New factory

Regarding the article “200 new jobs headed to Leflore County site” (July 17):

Providing jobs is always a good thing, but why make the taxpayers pay companies to come? If we don’t pay, will they not come? What if taxpayers stop paying, will the companies leave?

John Doe

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