‘Choke hold’ video

Regarding the comment looker4news in “My Two Cents” (Sept. 5) about the altercation between the school resource officer and female student at the football game:

The comment is exactly right. People make something out of nothing.

Everyone wants to say I wish that was my child. Really? Every parent who make this statement needs to go and get checked.

For one, were you there? Y’all record what y’all want to record, but you never put out what needs to be put out for clarity.

Some of these parents stink at parenting. Raise your children and stop half-raising them.

BOOM Now What

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Regarding the article “Video shows district employee grab student” (Sept. 4):

Obviously people have their own agenda for what they say or do, but just by looking at the picture in the newspaper, it appears the resource officer does not have the young lady in a choke hold. He is restraining her. If you look closely at the picture, he has his arm on her right shoulder and holding her left hand.  That’s called “restraint” for those not educated enough.

This is how some people blow things out of proportion just because they don't like someone.

I think the resource officer deserves praise. I wonder what the people would have said if she died in the fight.

Wrongful death case

Regarding the comment by Gwen Perkins in “My Two Cents” (Aug. 28) about the $2 million judgment against K.K. Kent:

Perkins is lucky she is still able to work. A family lost a son due to negligence of a person.

Perkins doesn’t seem to have a clue, like this is the first lawsuit in history. What does this suit have to do with what Perkins earns?

The boy was on his way to work. He never got to clock in.


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