Downtown music

Regarding the article “Speakers to bring music downtown” (July 25):

At what point do we start questioning how budgets are spent? Putting speakers in downtown when there are streets that need to be redone, buildings that are hazards that need to be torn down? It amazes me that we are only concerned with “beautifying” downtown.

I think a better use of city money would be to offer incentives for small businesses to open and remain open in town. A better use would be to improve areas where people actually live and not just where wealthy people stay when they visit our town. A better use of the money would be improving the parks or even a raise for law enforcement.

We really need to re-examine our priorities as a city, or this town is going to continue to die.

By all means, though, put those speakers in. I’m sure people will enjoy them in a few years when they’re walking down Howard Street, wondering where all the businesses have gone and where half the population has moved.

Curious Citizen

‘The Squad’

Regarding the editorial “Trump’s theater is a throwback” (July 20):

All I’m hearing from “The Squad” is how terrible things are in the USA. Do they ever mention the positives? Maybe if their candidate wins in 2020, everything will be rainbows and lollipops.


Till sign photo

Regarding the article “Frat suspends 3 over Till sign photo” (July 26):

More often than not, it's the Ole Miss students who end up in the news for something stupid.


Dumb crook

Regarding the article “Man accused of stealing phones, money” (July 20):

The accused has got to be the dumbest man walking. I just can’t believe he still had all the merchandise in his possession. He was better off not doing the crime.


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