Chromebook grant

Regarding the article “District accepts $1M grant from T-Mobile” (March 6):

This is great. I don’t mean to be a party pooper, but I’m worried kids will get robbed by other kids or even adults as they travel to and from school with their laptops.

It’s Greenwood after all.


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They had this in Jackson, Ridgeland and Greenville for years now and no problems had occurred. I know Hinds and Washington counties are worse than Leflore County.

My niece graduated from Ridgeland High School and had hers for four years with no problem.

Most of the children in the district ride the bus or the parents drop them off. So who is going to take it from them?


Robert Wilson letter

Regarding Robert Wilson’s letter to the editor (“Time for the young to take over governing,” March 9):

Having the government take care of you, whether it is local, state or federal, is not the answer. Just take a look at cities such as Chicago, Detroit or Baltimore and see what that has done to folks who live there.

Self-reliance, determination and entrepreneurship along with education, discipline and a reverence for God are what will turn the community around.

Old Buffalo

Political correctness

Regarding the op-ed column by Vincent J. Venturini (“Sensitivity gone too far,” March 1):

So much for freedom of speech when you can’t say a word, any word, without having your life destroyed by the thought police.



If Greenwood should ever annex Itta Bena, it would only be fitting, and it would honor our agricultural community, with a change of the name of the “new” town to Green Bena.

Clint Guenther


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