Regarding the editorial “If newspapers go, so does freedom” (Oct. 9):

You do realize that the foundational storyline in “Idiocracy” is basically coming true, don’t you? There’s no single reason for it, but digital news is not helping. Actually I’d say cable news is the forerunner of sensationalism, but I digress. (Sure, the National Enquirer has been around longer, but it’s never been taken seriously.)

Heavy use of social media is also contributing to our regression as well as the failure of our school systems, coupled with some parents’ indifference toward education. Dictionaries will alter definitions when a lot of people use a word improperly. Yes, language evolves, but it shouldn’t because people are too dumb to learn a word’s meaning. It’s a reflection of progressively degraded learning ability.

Do I sound snotty? That’s because I am. I care about people using their brains.

You and I will both be dead by the time society hits rock bottom. For those who haven’t abandoned awareness, sense and conscientiousness, I hope Mars will be inhabitable by that time.


Guenther’s letter

Clint Guenther’s letter to the editor (“Democrats have gone off the deep end,” Oct. 9) can be summed up in two words: Nut job.

• • •

Clint Guenther is a brave man to write his letter to the editor on Oct. 9. I applaud his words except for the “Maybe we do need another revolution, another ‘un-civil’ war, .... .”

Since the 2016 election, America has been in an uncivil war spearheaded by the Democrats who will not accept the election results.


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