Nosy cops

How can the Greenwood police and Leflore County Sheriff’s Department live inside a convenience store just to watch what people are buying? Soon as they see that you have bought something like beer and cigars, then here they come pulling you over.

This isn’t right at all, and I am sure that the store’s owner doesn’t know anything about this.

The officers need to look at their own co-workers. They smoke weed and drink just like everybody else does. So how can you give someone a ticket for DUI? Look at yourself.

It’s OK to protect those young ladies working at the convenience store, but stay across the street instead of watching what people buy, just to give them a DUI.

You’re wrong for this one.

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Ubuntu Boy

I find it ironic that a garden club would advocate for the total removal of all blooming plants and Rosebuds at the Courthouse, even to the extent of plowing under and poisoning with Roundup. Crossing the bridge and seeing that burst of color is very uplifting. Mrs. Rausa didn't quit because she isn't able to work, anymore. She stopped when she asked for help and was told her standards were too high.

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