Medicaid expansion

Regarding Tim Kalich’s op-ed column “Medicaid opponents peddle nonsense” (Aug. 17):

Yes, Medicaid, needs to be expanded not to save rural hospitals but to save patients.

The technology for care today cannot be brought to a rural hospital, but rural hospitals can change their plan and have 24-hour care available in the old emergency room. Patients can be stabilized, get help with telemedicine and transferred to appropriate care facilities.

Acute interventions in heart attacks and strokes are remarkable. Severe trauma requires teams of medical specialists and support. Patients need to be saved from rural hospitals.

With this plan, the same amount of federal money would flow into the state and would go for effective care.

Karl Hatten Sr.

GOP runoff

The opportunity exists to vote for a candidate who is showing concern for the needs of our rural communities, including health- care needs. This is a refreshing change from the current state politicians who simply ignore the smaller communities of our state.

Please take the opportunity to vote for a candidate who is less concerned with political gain and more concerned with the needs of the people of our state. On Tuesday, Aug. 27, vote for Bill Waller Jr. for governor. Thank you.

Politics Yuck!

Test scores

Regarding the article “Area districts still behind state average” (Aug. 16):

Just step back and take a look at the picture as a whole, and you can see the problem. There are teachers who are not qualified to teach, and the same goes for the ones who oversee the school system.

Jimmy V

Wrongful death case

Regarding the article “Kent ordered to pay $2M for death” (Aug. 17):

We are so sorry for the loss of Jose Escudero. But when did lawsuits become lotto amounts? This is an outrageous amount of money.

J Perry

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