Population loss

Regarding the comment in “My Two Cents” (June 19) by Greenwood taxpayer about population loss:

Honesty “often” hurts, but it must prevail if our small-town USA is to make it.

On a positive note, early education programs that were implemented will boost test scores when the time comes for these youngsters. Reading must become habit.

Of course, Greenwood and all of Leflore County need factories and industry. They also need leaders who care about their community rather than what looks good on paper.

How about having enough tax dollars to support law enforcement, fire prevention and education? How about the myriad of other things that tax dollars do in a properly run city?

Greenwood’s mayor has done well with what she has to work, but council members need to lend support rather than do what they think will get them the next vote.

There is no choice but to annex. Stakes are high and consequences matter.

One more thing: A study was done that showed kindergarten students who behaved well actually “earn more” than those who did not. Can it be? Imagine it. That, too, starts at home.

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Greenwood taxpayer nailed it. Great comment in “My Two Cents” about population loss (June 19).

I put my house up for sale last week. Getting out of Dodge. Too many taxes that are high.

Another Greenwood Taxpayer

Drug war

Regarding Tim Kalich’s op-ed column (“Better way to deal with drugs,” June 22):

Good column. I applaud Christiana Dent’s efforts to help with this drug problem.

State government leaders are pushing to legalize marijuana, not for humanitarian reasons but to gain tax revenue. I believe that medical marijuana should be legalized but controlled by doctors and pharmacies, not marijuana shop owners. No drug, including recreational marijuana, should be legally sold without a prescription from a doctor.

Those unlicensed to sell any drug should be arrested, and their victims should go to treatment. The revenue that states get from marijuana or any opioid should go to treatment, not government budgets.

Phoning while driving

Tonight (June 15) at 8:48, I was turning right off of Front Street onto the bridge. A young woman passed me going south. She was on her phone.

Then behind her there was a young policeman with his phone in his face. I am surprised he didn’t rear-end her.


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