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I enjoyed your editorial on politics and the economy (Sept. 2).

We don’t live in a vacuum, and neither does any administration. All politicians, it seems, want to take credit for any and all good things that happen during their term in office.

But it is well to remember that the Great Recession started in the George W. Bush administration. The reason was a lack of restrictions on the financial community that the Republicans allowed. As a result, we had subprime loans and Wall Street was selling derivatives of U.S-backed mortgages globally. It all came to a crashing end when the housing bubble burst. No one was ever held accountable.

Bush turned the mess all over to Barack Obama. It was he who put us back on the sound footing that Donald Trump inherited and wants to claim.

If there is a difference between the Democrats and the Republicans that has lasted for decades, it is regulations on the financial world. The Republicans want less restrictions on Wall Street, and the Democrats want more. Right now, the stock market is breaking records. Why, when so many businesses are closing their doors and with high unemployment people can’t pay their rent or mortgages? I’m not saying it’s a bubble, but it certainly doesn’t make sense.

One’s vote ought to take into consideration more than “campaign talk.” One needs to think clearly about the past and the future.

Been around a long time

Clint Walker

Regarding the article “Chase and Crash: Pursuit ends in Carroll County” (Aug. 27):

After demolishing two late-model vehicles, not to mention the lives that were put in danger chasing the car thief at over 100 mph on probably the busiest highway in the state, I know Carroll County Sheriff Clint Walker is giving himself a pat on the back for making the arrest.

The poor soul whose vehicle was stolen certainly didn’t wind up with much besides a destroyed truck. Including the destruction of property, the personnel from several law enforcement agencies involved, hospital bills, insurance costs, not to mention the danger to an untold number of lives, I hope it was worth it.

I wonder with today’s technology in vehicles, could law enforcement have tracked the vehicle and made an arrest with a phone call to OnStar or similar GPS-locating devices? Heck, following the truck with a helicopter couldn’t be as expensive as this chase turned out. And I’m certainly not sure who was protected and served.

T. Dumb Redneck

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