Donald Trump

Regarding the editorial “Trump not himself” (March 14):

Who writes this junk? President Trump is the best thing that happened to this country, and all he gets from news people is flak! Report the news, not your opinion.


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Maybe President Trump was off kilter because he hasn’t had any sleep. He only sleeps about four hours a night anyway, from the way he has been described.

Oh, but I forgot. This is a liberal newspaper.

Gwen Perkins

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Will you ever stop bashing and ridiculing our president, Donald J. Trump, in your piece of a liberal rag you call a newspaper?

Like him or not, he is our president, and hopefully for four more years.

As God’s word teaches, we are to respect and encourage our leaders in authority over us (Romans 13).

This childlike disrespectfulness keeps our country divided and separated.

Enough is enough. Stop it!

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Hal Fiore

Ha Ha. All of you Trump worshipers are a scream. But help me here: Which Trump are you talking about? The one that told us there was nothing to worry about, that it was all just liberal Democrat fake news to make him look bad, that more people died of the flu, that the numbers were going down? Or the one that declared a national emergency and is going around now calling himself a "war president?" Or maybe the socialist one that wants to send everyone a check for $1000?

Yeah, I know, it doesn't matter what he does or how often he completely reverses himself, or how much damage he does to the country in the process. You would rather bow down to your MAGA Messiah than the real one.


Fiore, you obviously have no shame. But then, very few leftists have.

(Edited by staff.)

Lakeshore Lady

The President needs to stay off social media in the wee hours & get some rest.


Trump doesn’t deserve to have president in front of his name. This ego maniac who have a nickname for anyone who doesn’t agree with him is a failure. He can’t be trusted to do anything right. I have never seen a president that I can find anything good to say about and I am 60 years old. Deomtay Trumpaleni is a complete failure and the history book will not be kind to him or his enablers i.e. his supporters.

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