Greenwood hospital

I was recently a patient in the Greenwood Leflore Hospital Emergency Room. I have nothing but good things to report.

I was given very fast treatment due to my condition. I was treated and airlifted to St. Dominic Hospital in Jackson.

All the personnel at the Greenwood hospital, from the front desk to treatment room, made me feel like I was the only patient they had. Everyone was professional and concerned about my condition.

We must work to keep the hospital open with qualified personnel.

Linda Jenkins

Mass shootings

I predicted this murderous week was coming. Being a Mississippian who was born during the pre-civil rights era and lived through it, I have heard and seen the results that come because of people who act and speak like President Trump. This is not new.

Finally, these terrorists are now being called terrorists. Maybe law enforcement can get some tools to fight this disease of hate.

It is not about Trump. He will be held accountable. The survival of this country is at stake.

Greenwood schools

Regarding the article “State officials detail spending spree” (Aug. 7):

For a small school district, you have more issues. I work for a large school district, and sure, we have issues, but this is becoming ridiculous.


Immigration raids

Regarding Wednesday’s immigration raids:

This is good.

Now Mississippians who are looking for work will have jobs available to them.

Thanks, President Trump, for looking out for Americans.

Old Buffalo

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